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All Books have been SOLD OUT SORRY, . Stephen Jones new book of his health fdc Illustrated First Day Covers of New Zealand 1933-2000, Part one - Health. Compiled by Stephen Jones, August 2008. approx. 355 pages. Fully illustrated in colour up to 1959, and then black and white to 2000. Set out in chronological order this book lists every Health FDC produced for each year, including a brief description. Each cover is given a scarcity rating between 1 and 10. Released 8 August 2008. A limited print run has been completed. (Supplied by Kadine Stamps). Health fdc from New Zealand, here is a collection of my New Zealand health covers from 1935-1966. Sorry these covers are not for sale. If you have a cover I have not got ( different illustrated fdc ) I am interested in buying it for US$10.00 if its in good condition (no toning etc) and US$3.00 for earlier covers used later on except for the year 1954 or the covers I have not uplifted to the site yet. I will pay for postage. Please click on the numbers to view the year.
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Illustrated Pre-decimal Health FDCs
of New Zealand

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