Stamp Plate Blocks (131)

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H 1980 children fishing 17c blk6 1a  US$2.00 
H 1982 dogs 24c  US$3.50 
H 1982 dogs 30c  US$3.75 
H 1984 24c horses plate 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a  US$3.75 
H 1984 24c horses plate 1b 1b 1b 1b 1b  US$3.75 
H 1985 25c prince of wales and family  US$5.60 
H 1985 35c prince of wales and family  US$4.00 
H 1986 30c playing blk12  US$4.00 
H 1989 80c  US$6.00 
H 1990 heroes 40c blk6  US$3.40 
H 1990 heroes rugby  US$6.00 
P 1952 kg vi 3d on 1d blk6 p117  US$3.80 
P 1953 qeii 2d plate 17  US$2.00 
P 1954 qe ii 1s plate 1b 1b  US$4.00 
P 1954 qeii 1 1/2d plate 12  US$3.00 
P 1954 qeii 1 1/2d plate 14  US$3.00 
P 1955 centennial of stamps 2p  US$2.00 
P 1956 southland 3d 1b  US$2.20 
P 1966 scouts 1a 1a  US$2.00 
P 1967 5c blk 6  US$4.00 
P 1967 posb 9d blk8  US$2.50 
P 1975 anniversaries 3c  US$2.10 
P 1975 anniversaries 5c  US$2.60 
P 1975 roses 7c 2b  US$6.00 
P 1975 roses 9c blk 10  US$4.50 
P 1975 sailing ships 4c 1a 1a blk 6  US$2.00 
P 1976 five commemoratives 6c  US$2.00 
P 1976 Maori 11c a111  US$9.00 
P 1976 roses 6c blk 10 decimal 2a 2a 2a 2a  US$4.00 
P 1976 roses 7c blk 10 decimal 2b 2b 2b 2b  US$3.75 
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