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20000? DX postal  US$1.00 
2003 Petes post ltd East Coast Steel  US$1.00 
2003 Petes post, Doorways  US$1.00 
2003? Paperplus envelope, Fastway Post stamps  US$6.00 
2004 Petes Post Bay Cad services  US$2.00 
2004 Petes Post Doorways  US$1.00 
2004 Petes post ltd East Coast Steel  US$1.00 
2004 Petes Post, Architecture  US$1.00 
2005 Concut concrete Petes post  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post cleaning solutions  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post doorways  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post Trig Instruments  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post, Quarry Bar & Bistro  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post, Smiths Mitre 10  US$1.00 
2005 Petes Post, Westlake Timber Ltd  US$1.00 
2006 Petes Post  US$1.00 
2006 Petes Post Canterbury garage doors  US$1.00 
2006 Petes Post ltd, Smith Mitre 10  US$1.00 
2006 Petes Post, Trig Instruments  US$1.00 
2006 Quickflash, Pete post  US$1.00 
2008 DX mail envelope, Avon City Ford  US$1.00 

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