Maunu Health Camp (18)

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1958 Boys and girl brigade fdc  US$3.20 
1958 Boys Brigade fdc , Maunu health camp, Chemist address  US$3.00 
1961 Health camp maunu fdc  US$3.90 
1961 Health fdc, Victoria Pharmacy Chemist  US$2.00 
1967 Rugby union 75th anniversary fdc  US$2.60 
1978 India Conquest of Kanchenjunga cover  US$2.60 
1978 Map of the health camps in New Zealand  US$3.20 
1980 Health camp fdc  US$4.90 
1982 Border collie labrador cocker spaniel dog health fdc  US$4.90 
1982 Spaniel dog fdc maunu  US$2.60 
1983 Benham health cat Taby fdc, Maunu Health camp  US$2.60 
1983 Health cat fdc, Boric cover  US$4.00 
1983 Health Maunu camp fdc tabby persian siamese  US$5.20 
1985 Children health camp board, royal diana  US$4.60 
1985 Health camp Maunu silk royal fdc  US$5.80 
1985 Royal family fdc dia and baby silk  US$5.80 
1986 Benham health fdc, Maunu Health camp  US$2.60 
1988 Official health camp fdc, seoul games  US$3.10 

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