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1952 Campbell Island Antarctic Meterofogicaf cover  US$32.00 
1957 Trans Antarctic Expedition Scoptt Bass fdc, Fuchs & Hillary  US$8.00 
1960s Scot Base 3c cover to Christchurch  US$19.00 
1971 Antarctic treaty air mail fdc  US$3.90 
1972 Antarctic treaty cover, coil stamps  US$15.00 
1972 Seventh Consultative committee Antarctic treaty cover  US$2.00 
1972 Seventh Consultative committee meeting Antarctic treaty cover, flag map  US$3.00 
1977 Antarctic 20th anniversary card, dog sled  US$5.00 
1977 Scott Base 20th anniversary card, Edmund Hillary dogs  US$2.00 
1979 Antarctica operation deep freeze cover  US$5.80 
1980 Scott Base Ross Dependency cover 8 Oc  US$3.90 
1981 Cambell Island expedition cover, sender Michael Bourke  US$14.00 
1982 Ross Dependency fdc penguins Scott Base Vanda station Cape Evans  US$1.30 
1983 Antarctic society cove 50 years, postal stationery qe ii  US$7.80 
1983 Antarctic Society card  US$2.00 
1984 Antarctic research issue fdc  US$15.80 
1984 New Zealand Antarctica Presentation stamp pack Scott Base  US$2.00 
1985 Leningrad cover  US$9.10 
1985 Stampex to scott base 26 nov on back  US$3.90 
1986 Antartic cover  US$6.30 
1986 Scott base post office cover , vanda station signed  US$10.40 
1987 Antartic research cover, sydpolen ekspedisjonen , signed  US$5.80 
1987 Scott base cover geodetic control survey, signed  US$10.40 
1988 Antarctic ice movement studies cover, 2 signed on back  US$7.20 
1988 Antarctic ice movement studies cover, 2 signed on back  US$7.20 
1988 Antartic greenpeace vessel , packet boat chile  US$7.20 
1990 Ross Dependency fdc, Antarctic birds  US$7.00 
1992 International Antarctic opening cover, seal  US$6.00 
1995 Greenpeace m/s Antarctica wildlife cover  US$8.40 
1998 Sub antarctic ocean biological cover, health stamps, whale  US$7.20 

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